Jackie is a board-certified music therapist in the Greater Philadelphia area. In addition to her work as the lead music therapist on staff at Shriners Hospitals for Children - Philadelphia, Jackie works with private clients of all ages to heal physical and emotional distress, or to contribute to overall well-being.


Jackie believes that everyone can benefit from using music to improve health, wellness, and peace of mind. Research, including that by renowned neuroscientist Oliver Sacks at Columbia University, has proven that music has the ability to reach and benefit parts of the brain that cannot be accessed through traditional therapies.


HA few key facts about music, according to current research:

  • Music can significantly reduce perception of pain

  • Singing can boost the immune system (Ig-A) up to 450% 

  • Music can regulate stress, arousal, and emotional response

  • Music can increase brain plasticity by giving a whole-brain workout, and help to access new skills 

  • Music can increase respiratory function and regulate movement

(Chandra & Levitin, 2013)



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